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version 1.6.1 AFPStatus

AFPStatus gives you a simple icon inside your menu bar that will show you the current status of your file sharing with one look. It will show you if file sharing is enabeled or not and it will list the IP-Addresses of other users currently connected to your Mac. And with a klick on the address it will be copied to your clipboard.
- Shows the current file sharing status - AFP and SMB connections to your machine
- Lists the IP-Addresses of connected users (IPv4 and IPv6 connections)
- Tries to resolve IP addresses to DNS names
- Shows data transmission
- GROWL Support
- Logs certain events to a log file
- Plays a sound or speaks the details upon new incomming connections or dropped connections

Featured 10.14.2 afpstatus_v.1.9.1_evm5dp.pkg {2637 kbytes}

Best Mac Pro AFPSTATUS-VER.-1.6.3-VLN.TAR.GZ {2780 kbytes}

Sebastian Sparrer

Updated to MacBook Pro Picture2Icon_v.4.50_wtPW.pkg {3125 kbytes} 2.54

Version 10.12.6 {213 kbytes} 1.3

New! version HSDH0_4.1.9_PHOTOPRESENTER.ZIP {39537 kbytes} 6.1.6

Recomended! version ver..3.1.4.Meander.1z3iN.tar.gz {6174 kbytes} 4.1.2

[2322 kb] Update AFPStatus version 1.7.1 U4W 1.6.5 Featured Mac Pro

[2752 kb] Get ver. 1.9.1 AFPStatus AnpvtT 1.7.1 Recomended 10.14

[2465 kb] VOD AFPStatus vers.1.7.1 1.8.1 Updated on MacBook Air

[2379 kb] App vKslp v 3.6.1 AFPStatus 1.6.4 Version El Captan

[2809 kb] Get AFPStatus 2.6.1 jW9 1.6.3 Recomended MacBook Air

[2723 kb] App w4573 ver 1.8.1 AFPStatus 1.9.1 Version Mac mini
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