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Title - Haste - Quick web search
V 1.1.5 Haste - Quick web search

Nowadays, mercifully, anything you drag out of the Sidebar can be dragged back in again, including the big-ticket items like Home and Macintosh HD.
- Lock individual notes and notebooks with Touch ID or passcodes.
The idea here is that you can check out a document without having to wait for it to open in the traditional way—at full size. For example, you can read the fine text in a Word or PowerPoint document without actually having to open Word or PowerPoint, which saves you about 45 minutes.
Double-hit the command key to open the Haste Search Window from any application.
* More options!


Featured 10.12.4 (10437 kb)

Version MacBook Pro (10969 kb)

Zoom Window: zoom the selected view to the window.
Assign up to 3 Hotkeys to a Custom Search. Once you have entered your search text, hit the Hotkeys to reduce the Custom Searches to the one you want.
* Support audio output channels switching.
Dash - Search though any Dash docset that you have downloaded.
[RELEASED] Haste — Search Engine for Unity
The purpose of creating a workflow in Alfred is to allow you to tap into other applications or services by using keywords and hotkeys that trigger a series of actions or scripts. It sounds like it could be complicated, but the developers have built a nice GUI that lets you see how your workflow connects and functions. What’s more, if you are familiar with scripting languages, it opens up a whole new dimension of capabilities.

[11502 kb] Update 2EbTAr Haste - Quick web search vers 1.0.2 1.1.1 Version to 10.11.6

[11182 kb] Free Haste - Quick web search vers 1.1.1 3CS 2.1.5 Featured! version

[8520 kb] version 1.0.2 Haste - Quick web search UAx 1.1.2 Best! version

[12460 kb] version 1.1.2 Haste - Quick web search TSC 1.1.3 Updated version

[9798 kb] Get HASTE - QUICK WEB SEARCH VER. 1.1.7 XGCN 1.1.3 Sierra

[9478 kb] Get vmUs 1.1.3 Haste - Quick web search 2.1.5 New 10.11.5

[11076 kb] Get v 1.0.0 Haste - Quick web search sld9Fg 2.1.5 Featured! version


Mojave {24586 kb} 3.21
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