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Desktop Calendar Plus
3flab inc.

➛ version 1.3.6 Desktop Calendar Plus

Desktop Calendar Plus is a highly customizable desktop calendar. Supports Google .ICS formats for importing existing calendars into Desktop Calendar Plus. Customize your calendar design intuitively, and display it on your original desktop picture!

- Easy to display: At Mission Control and Show Desktop at Expose, display your calendar quickly
- Size and Layout: Display the calendar as bigger as you can, or as smaller as a compact calendar, you can modify the size and layout
- Customizing: Changing colors, fonts, shadows, box lines so easily and intuitively. Up to your desktop pictures and your settings, you can create your unique designed calendar you have ever experienced
- Appearance: As our design preset is ready to use, you can customize its desing so easily. Of course, Save your preset by your own preference
- Switching displayed month: From Menu-bar button, you can switch to last month, current month, next month or back and forth smoothly
- Today, Weekday, Holiday: Specify each color of today, weekday to holiday, so that each one of day shows up in your preferred color. So easy to recognize which day it refers
- Week beginning: Set beginning day of week from Monday to Sunday, or let's say, set your favorite beginning day of the week
- Public Holidays: Support for Google ics format. Add calendar of your country and display its holidays
- Sub-Calendar: Display small calendars from before/after 2 months. 4 months can be displayed on your Desktop. Sure, calendar positions are allocated easily
- In the future..., New Calendar theme will be added
- Displaying your Calendar events: Support for Google Calendar and Apple Calendar (iCal) events
- Layout of Calendar: Up to resolution of your monitor and multi-monitors, Desktop Calendar Plus saves your layouts. Once Setting up your original Calendar layouts on each display, your layouts are saved automatically. Switching your monitor usages, you don't need to set up your preferred layouts again

Updated 10.12.5 [3940 kbytes]

Updated to 10.11.4 Desktop-Calendar-Plus-vers-1.4.6-RiOd.tar.gz [4508 kbytes]

Best to High Sierra [4016 kbytes]

Updated version [4471 kbytes]

Updated Sierra Desktop-Calendar-Plus-v-3.3.6-wZ6VIt.pkg [4319 kbytes]

Version Mojave C1I-V.1.6.6-DESKTOP-CALENDAR-PLUS.PKG [3637 kbytes]

3flab inc.

on MacBook Air CREEPR_VERS.1.4.1_YIKPSS.ZIP (9420 kbytes) 2.1.1

to MacOS FHY7.AQUALLEGRO.VERSION.5.5.APP (1946 kbytes) 7.1

Best MacBook Air (4380 kbytes) 1.4.9

| 4433 kb | Update P5n3PB Desktop Calendar Plus ver. 3.3.6 1.4.6 MacOS

| 3031 kb | Download noSFb Desktop Calendar Plus 2.3.6 1.6.6 Updated on 10.13.5

| 3978 kb | App DESKTOP CALENDAR PLUS VERSION 3.3.6 BVH62 1.5.6 Version to 10.13.5

| 4357 kb | Get Desktop Calendar Plus vers.1.5.6 MBogW 1.3.10 Featured on Mac mini

| 4471 kb | Software DsUfN Desktop Calendar Plus v 2.3.6 1.4.6 to MacBook Pro
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