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◈ My Albums vers.

My Albums allows you to create and then view an album of media files that are contained within a chosen folder. You may create any number of albums and My Albums will remember each of them. The media files in an album are those that reside in the chosen folder and in any folders nested within the chosen folder (no matter how deep the nesting).
A media file is a file which contains one of four types of recorded media: images such as pictures, video recordings such as movies, audio recordings such as music, or portable document format (PDF) documents such as books.
You may choose to launch the default application for a selected media file and use the full capabilities of that application on that media file. For example the default application for an image may be Photoshop, GraphicConverter, or any other image processing application, as selected by your system.
My Albums itself does not copy or modify folders (aka directories) and media files. It simply records the path (aka symlink, see to a folder or media file. Since the path also includes a volume name, My Albums can create albums and access media files on any attached volume (e.g., external disk, flash drive, etc.)
Complete documentation is available from the Help menu.

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Howard H. Metcalfe
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Software key My Albums

New! version | 17692 KB | 1.3.3

Best 10.14 aIQaqE.AB2CSV.v.2.4.7.tar.gz | 4114 KB | 2.4.5

| 7450 kb | Update VERS. MY ALBUMS PFK Best to MacOS

| 5709 kb | Software MY ALBUMS VERS OYIU 10.13.5

| 7798 kb | My Albums vers. F7d4 Recomended! version

| 7589 kb | Update DQZO V MY ALBUMS Best! version
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