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Quicken 2007 (Lion update) sort of works on High Sierra; won't make a backup to an APFS volume. Since this is 32-bit software, it won't run on the macOS scheduled for 2019. Quicken wants to rent you Quicken 2018 for Mac for $35/yr. This is a show stopper for me. Support ended in 2017. Supposedly still works. See below. Duration: 0:12:07 (approx) fbc0db903bd7ba1c38363222024dfc53 More generally, this new approach to firmware updates means that you can’t use monolithic system imaging to upgrade a Mac to a new version of macOS. The only thing to do once that happens is to dig through and manually delete files. Your personal libraries are going to be the biggest (Movies, iTunes, and Photos). Unless you have already started saving new data to the drive with High Sierra, you can go ahead and delete them from your new boot drive. Just make sure that, when you open the programs, you hold down the Option key and select the location of the original library. Otherwise, High Sierra will create a new, empty one for you.

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Proficient computers are in high demand for work and personal projects. Still, not all users keep their devices in shape. If not properly serviced, Mac’s limited storage capacity may result in the ‘startup disk full’ issue. Cleaning your Apple computer is important to ensure its efficient performance. Mac owners doubt the necessity of using alien applications to service and maintain their machines. Third-party apps are claimed to be the cause of all performance issues. However, owing to a plethora of useful functions, the trusted software can do more good than harm.
Our editors really liked this feature. You can adjust “open recent menu items, designate where you want your scroll items, tell it how crashed apps are dealt with, and tell it how to deal with saving screenshots. Oh, it does so much more. You can work with Safari preferences, email preferences, work with QuickTime X, and adjust your login preferences. All of this that you would normally have to do individually, all from one window.
The Network section contains a toolset to optimize your network settings, IP configuration parameters, file sharing preferences, etc. The settings stay intact every time you boot your Mac computer.
I've used *censored*tail for several years and find it indispensable. It combines background maintenance with a Swiss army knife set of small and useful utilities. Highly recommended.
Apple released MacOS 10.13 Supplemental Update on 05 Oct 2017, fixing a security bug.
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