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Colloquy is an advanced IRC & SILC client which aims to fill a void left by unglamorous clients. By adhering to OS X interface conventions, Colloquy has the look and feel of a quality Mac application.
- AppleScript: A powerful dictionary for easy scripting.
- Fast & Solid IRC Core: Powered by the Irssi engine.
- Fast & Solid SILC Core: Powered by the SILC Toolkit.
- Plug-In Love: Unlimited extensability through Plug-Ins.
- Tight Ship: IRC over SSL for the paranoia.
- Styled For You: Pick the look for your conversations, powered by WebKit.
- Colors of the World: Fully compatible with mIRC colors.
- Unintrusive Interface: Sleek multi- or single-window modes with tabs or a drawer.
- File Transfer Medly: Full DCC transfer support with resume and passive DCC.
- They're Your Buddies: A buddy list for your IRC friends.
- Multiplicity: The freedom to chat on multiple servers.
- Open Minded: Open source, like it should be.
- Much, Much More! Just a better experience all-around.

Mac vers-2.4.7-Colloquy-cSMt2k.tar.gz [7299 kbytes]

Featured to High Sierra iX9.Colloquy.vers.2.4.5.dmg [6561 kbytes]

Version to 10.13.6 [8773 kbytes]

Timothy Hatcher

Featured! version WZC_MIANA_V_1.4.6.PKG (2190 kbytes) 1.2.8

Mojave qsCTM-vers.2.6-Ultima-III.pkg (5530 kbytes) 3.4

Featured 10.14.3 W2A6X_V.1.5_FRAMECALCULATOR.DMG (2218 kbytes) 1.3

Best! version 2Bld.NewsFire.2.3.dmg (1167 kbytes) 2.2

Mac Pro 2BLD.NEWSFIRE.2.3.DMG_X9C.DMG (958 kbytes) 2.2

[6414 KB] Update vers 2.7.3 Colloquy ISxQ 4.4.3 Recomended! version

[6119 KB] Software COLLOQUY VERSION 4.4.3 GVZ 2.4.7 Updated for iMac

[7299 KB] Download Colloquy 2.5.3 0AgJL 4.4.3 Featured! version

[6930 KB] Free 2.7.3 Colloquy BO1L 2.4.5 Best to MacBook Pro

[6193 KB] Download CAM V.2.4.5 COLLOQUY 2.4.4 Featured for iMac
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