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Yosemite Preferences lets you customize hidden settings on your Mac. Every Mac includes a utility called System Preferences, used to change hundreds of settings within OS X. System Preferences has many features, but there are many useful features hidden within OS X that are not included in System Preferences. Yosemite Preferences unlocks those features in a beautiful, easy-to-use widget.
- Maximum Convenience: Unlike similar utilities, Yosemite Preferences is a Notification Center widget, making it more convenient to customize settings. Customizing a hidden setting is now as easy as activating Notification Center and clicking a simple button!
- Beautiful Design: Yosemite Preferences was designed to take advantage of the new transparency and vibrancy effects in OS X Yosemite, giving it a unique look and feel that blends in with the color of your wallpaper.
- Powerful Features: Yosemite Preferences 1.0 includes 20 powerful hidden preferences that enhance your Mac, with more to come in future updates.

If you would like to see a feature added to Yosemite Preferences, feel free to submit your request for consideration. Request a Feature

on MacBook Pro cwW.v.1.0.3.Yosemite.Preferences.dmg [41195 kbytes]

Featured for 10.11.6 VERS_1.1.1_YOSEMITE_PREFERENCES_MXPMBO.PKG [53096 kbytes]

Best 10.11.4 V.1.0.2.YOSEMITE.PREFERENCES.2ZD.ZIP [37076 kbytes]

Updated for 10.11 [43942 kbytes]

Recomended on OS X KEYB-YOSEMITE-PREFERENCES-V.1.0.5.PKG [46688 kbytes]

Cullen Card

Updated 10.14.2 TDE.Youda.Survivor.ver.4.0.tar.gz | 92920 kb | 2.2

Best to 10.11.5 | 23336 kb | 2.9.7b

Updated to iMac CDGMJ_1.5_DATETREE.ZIP | 268 kb | 3.2

Recomended for iMac Pro | 46317 kb |

10.11.5 nxId5O_SmartBreak_v.4.6.pkg | 3538 kb | 2.7

New! version | 5626 kb | 5.0.4

[44399 KB] App W48 Yosemite Preferences ver 3.0.1 1.0.4 Featured 10.14.1

[42568 KB] Free Yosemite Preferences vers.1.3.1 bvI1Q 1.1.1 Best! version

[47146 KB] Update Yosemite Preferences ver. 1.0.5 GLZ1Ep 3.0.1 Version 10.13.4
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