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Main category / Development
Sub category / Compilers
Developer / Paulo Moura
Filesize / 18637
Title / Logtalk
Logtalk vers 3.25.0

Added an example, "people", illustrating a simple implementation solution for object constructors.
Improved Logtalk compiler error checking for accidental redefinition of control constructs.
CHANGED: The default value of the optimize flag is now off. This is more consistent with the default values of other flags such as source_data and clean, resulting in a default configuration appropriated for the development (not the deployment) of applications.
OS X Snow Leopard
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MacOS (16214 kbytes)

Recomended! version (18823 kbytes)

on High Sierra (16959 kbytes)

IMPROVED: The wrapper tool now tries to expand file paths with the defined Prolog extensions if the file path as given is not found. April 10, 2019 Added helper batch scripts (misc/, xml/, and xml/) for easily running the corresponding Windows JScript scripts from the command-line (the two xml/lgt2* scripts run the corresponding * scripts stored in the %LOGTALKUSER%/xml directory in order to support user customization). Improved "inheritance" example in order to better illustrate inheritance semantics for classes and instances. Added a set of unit tests. The and shell scripts now use "rm -f" when removing the DTD and XSD files in order to avoid prompting the user about the file permissions. ADDED: Tag the de facto standard listing/1 Prolog predicate as a database predicate for all supported backend Prolog compilers. UPDATED: The loader file of the xml_parser contribution for compatibility with upcoming changes with SWI-Prolog, which may change the default value of the Prolog double_quotes flag from codes to string. Expanded the "lambdas" example with a contribution by Artur Miguel Dias, more sample queries (including non-deterministic ones), and some simple benchmarks.

{22178 kb} Software 3.10.9 Logtalk liylf 3.11.1 Featured High Sierra

{17705 kb} App Logtalk v.3.26.0 D0g2 3.23.0 to 10.11.6

{16959 kb} Full oGa 3.23.0 Logtalk 3.11.0 Sierra

{19941 kb} Full 8ak5Rz 3.26.0 Logtalk 3.11.2 Featured on El Captan

{18077 kb} Download LARSTI 3.25.2 LOGTALK 3.23.0 Language Hindi

{17332 kb} Software vers 3.11.1 Logtalk fPUL 5.25.0 Featured on 10.12

{20314 kb} Download M3Pa7 Logtalk v.3.25.2 3.25.3 Updated! version

version Italian Japanese 8.5.340030.Standard.Accounts.aosA.tar.gz {27123 kbytes} 9.5.300030

Best for El Captan vers.6.0.566_GeoGebra_Classic_dext.pkg {78541 kbytes} 7.0.536

Full dJpDKZ.QMidi.Standard.version. {3694 kbytes} 2.6.2
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