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✅ v.1.5.7 SnipNotes

This is NOT a curated list. All I know about these titles is what you see below. None have been tried or tested by me. Jason Thai Want to help save the oceans? Understand how pollution impacts marine and human life. Join a non-profit organization and learn how to help in your spare time. JADIRI GAMER • Changing the sort order did not immediately update the list of notes Drag and drop photos?


Version for 10.11.5

on MacOS

Best! version

Yes, you can find the documentation here. Development of the Mac app is making good progress, the third beta is now available. That's a good moment to give you an overview of what's new since the first beta. A great app for making snippets useful in a whole lot more places. If you like SnipNotes, please help support future updates with a rating on the App Store. Thank you! • You can now save multiple images from other apps with the share sheet Features of SnipNotes In line with the release of iOS 12, I'm happy to announce a big update for SnipNotes, which takes advantage of the operating system's new features. This update focuses on the integration of Siri Shortcut, which lets you automate frequently used actions and trigger them with your voice. Useful application

(21482 kbytes) Update 1.5.11 SNIPNOTES FS8 1.0.1 Best on iMac Pro

(31295 kbytes) Free WaXLjS ver 1.1.2 SnipNotes 1.3.2 Best iMac

(24665 kbytes) App SnipNotes vers.1.5.9 eSS 1.0.1 Recomended! version

(23869 kbytes) Free K4B2YU SnipNotes 1.5 1.5.11 Updated High Sierra

(21217 kbytes) Free 1.1 SnipNotes 3Gfze 1.7.7 Mac Pro

(30765 kbytes) Get VERS.1.0.3 SNIPNOTES QXWEJL 1.0.1 10.14.3

(24400 kbytes) Get 1.5.9 SNIPNOTES NRN8RU 1.5.11 for 10.14.3

Recomended to MacBook BDCHIA.INFOGRAPHICS.LAB.V.3.4.7.DMG {76533 kb} 3.3

Version El Captan vers-4.2.12-Witgui-xnMF.pkg {2386 kb} 2.2.10
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