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Developer: The Omni Group
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Title: OmniPlan
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You’ll need a full set of annotation tools.
Describing Task Dependencies
When you create a dependency, the dependent task automatically reschedules itself to respect the dependency. With further changes to the schedule and leveling, the tasks continue trying to follow the dependencies. If a dependency becomes impossible or you manually cause a task stop obeying its dependencies, a violation occurs, which can be resolved with the Violations window.
First, set up a server account in the Accounts section of OmniPlan ▸ Preferences.
- Google Calendar [PRO]: Copies of OmniPlan downloaded from the Mac App Store are now able to successfully authenticate Google Calendar accounts
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We designed OmniPlan to help you spend your time on more worthy pursuits than trying to figure out how to use project management software. OmniPlan's intuitive approach helps you get things done and stays out of your way while doing so. OmniPlan has several customizable views starting from "simple creation" for basic planning options; when you're ready for more sophisticated functions, OmniPlan can be configured to meet your needs.
Latest Versions
Web-based application provides real-time visibility for all users just by accessing a central site. The centralized system also ensures clarity and accountability.
OmniPlan Pro 3.12.1
Last Truncated — To optimize the speed of syncing on currently active projects, once a certain size threshold is exceeded in the sync log OmniPlan sets aside older changes on the server and “truncates” what is synced to only the newest set of changes. If OmniPlan sees that a project hasn’t been updated since the date the changelog was last truncated (shown here), it retrieves older changes from the archived logs on the server.
Visual Planning in the Gantt Chart
If a value contains a unit of time that is too small to be displayed, you may see a rounded value. For example, if you have turned off the display of minutes in the Formats section of the Project inspector, and you have a task that starts at 9:00 and ends at 9:55, the value you see is “< 1h”. If you want to know the actual value, you can turn on the smaller units in Formats section, or just check the start and end times of the task. If you want to edit the value to conform to your units, you can just delete the greater-than or less-than sign and the value updates.
David Smith released a new app, CalZones, which addresses the pesky problem of time zones with way more panache than I’ve seen from any other time zone app. I particularly like/use the Today Widget.

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