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Main category / Education
Sub category / Science
Developer / UNamur
Filesize / 21811
Title / DrawMol
◊ DrawMol 1.4.30

• Simple User interface to interact with the calendar.
• Japanese audio clips are provided by a native Japanese speaker
Whiten skin
With striking and colorful graphics and animations, this FUN interactive app is designed to delight children while they learn animal names in Japanese and English!
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Key list DrawMol

MacBook Air [7578 kbytes] UNIVERSITY OF VETERINARY MEDICINE HANNOVER, FOUNDATION test web page $(function(){ $("ir_id").mouseover(function(){ var url = "/_draw/"+this.textContent; $({ type:"GET", url: url, datatype:"json", contentType:"application/json; charset=utf-8", success: function(json){ $("#moll")(); $("#molr")(); } }); }); }); pair_ID If you have questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact Support for both Java 6 and 7 on Mac OS X. – Minimize talent eye movement with one–click margins. * You can automatically distribute to folders according to the rules. All Version Updates for Mac OS

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10.11.6 Switch.vers.6.5.3.U1vBy5.tar.gz (110982 kbytes) 5.5.3

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