on 10.14 Plain and rich text editor. how install

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Word Processing

7.0 TabEditor

TabEditor is a powerful plain text/rich text editor. TabEditor was designed to be very small and fast, and uses very little resources.
- Work with multiple files at once, each in its own separate tab.
- Open and Save documents in a number of formats, including plain (.txt) and rich text (.rtf), (.doc) and OpenDocument Text (.odt) (full list below)
- Drag & Drop to open files
- Find & Replace text
- ESC for suggested words
- Spelling and grammar check
- Print Document
- Zoom in/out
- Full Screen mode
- Duplicate tab
- Realtime Word Count, Character count, and Selected Text count display (status bar)
- Extensive Mac-native right-click context text menu including Text to Speech


Recomended Mac mini 9.0.TABEDITOR.7NUR9.TAR.GZ (1761 kb)

for Mojave TABEDITOR-VERS.7.3-EMEW.DMG (1781 kb)

Featured High Sierra (1925 kb)

Version 10.13.6 File-Transfer-3.5-LLYPL.tar.gz 3.6


Featured! version 38.2

App w6p TabEditor vers 7.2 7.4 Updated to MacOS

Get NY2oXF TabEditor version 7.2 9.0 Recomended for 10.11.5

TabEditor ver. 7.2 XcLo 9.0 Updated on El Captan

App TabEditor vers.7.1 Gn0 9.0 OS X

Update fQ7LR version 7.2 TabEditor 7.3 Featured! version

TABEDITOR VERS.9.0 6992Q 7.4 New 10.11.4
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