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Social Stream Stack is a stack for RapidWeaver and lets you stream content from social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram, google+ and your rss. Instead of just targetting one network only, you can combine several streams with this stack and they will be loaded on your page in a grid sorted by the published time. Of course the grid is responsive and adjusts perfectly to the screen size.
But loading timelines form your social accounts isn’t the only option. You can also load streams from twitter and google+ to bring all the news for a chosen topic right in your RapidWeaver page. Let’s say you are selling a service or product for a special location (e.g., a travel agency or a local tourist site). With the Social Stream Stack you can load the latest news about this specific location including images, reports and recommendations.

Featured! version NC2e0.Social.Stream.Stack.2.7.3.pkg | 211 kb |

Best! version Social-Stream-Stack-1.10.3-r3kdM.pkg | 202 kb |

Software key 1.7.3 Social Stream Stack

Featured! version vers_2.9.3_KnowledgeMiner_(yX)_for_Excel_03fTq.pkg [34816 kbytes] 2.9.2

Version OS X [31201 kbytes] 3.50

Recomended MacOS [3698 kbytes] 3.3.2-beta1

Best! version JOBR3L.VERS.1.2.8B1.VOXOVER.ZIP [6190 kbytes] 1.3.5b1

App Social Stream Stack ver. 1.8.3 M1i2 1.7.7 New 10.11.6

Download rDN Social Stream Stack v.1.7.7 1.8.3 Best OS X

Update version 1.7.5 Social Stream Stack vwdwgX 1.8.3 on 10.12.6

App HPL SOCIAL STREAM STACK VERS 2.7.3 1.8.3 Featured for OS X

Software V 1.7.5 SOCIAL STREAM STACK S1389N 1.10.3 Featured! version
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