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Main category - Utilities
Sub category - File Management
Developer - Phil Harvey
Filesize - 2970
Title - ExifTool
● v 11.41 ExifTool

Tag values are calculated in alphabetical order unless a tag Require's or Desire's another composite tag, in which case the calculation is deferred until after the other tag is calculated.
Phil, Now I'm a bit confused and I'm not sure where my exiftool is located. My home directory looks like this:
Extract information from an image over the internet using the cURL utility. The -fast option prevents exiftool from scanning for trailer information, so only the meta information header is transferred.
Digital Video
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exiftool -Keywords+=word -o
Laurent Clévy for his work analyzing Canon RAW images
Meta Information Encapsulation (MIE specification)
exiftool [OPTIONS] [-TAG...] [--TAG...] FILE...
1 if file was written OK, 2 if file was written but no changes made, 0 on file write error.
Michael Tiemann for decoding a number of new Canon tags
Improving Performance ^

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